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BMW Technician

BMW Technicians are the mechanical experts ensuring vehicle’s peak performance. Proficient in diagnostics and repair, they tackle issues with precision, keeping our Ultimate Driving Machines running smoothly and reliably, delivering superior proficiency.

As a BMW Technician, your role is to efficiently and accurately complete tasks described in repair orders. You may diagnose vehicle issues, along with recommending and executing necessary repairs. Additionally, you may inspect vehicles for potential maintenance needs and communicate findings to the Service Advisor. Collaboration with the Parts Department to secure necessary components is essential. Prompt communication with the Group Leader or Service Advisor is crucial for additional work, or potential delays. Staying updated on factory technical bulletins and following dealership processes and warranty material disposition procedures are integral, along with adherence to federal, state, and local regulations.

Enjoy a fulfilling career as a BMW Technician with competitive pay and a variety of benefits. Certain roles may also offer retirement plans, ensuring a well-rounded and rewarding employment experience. Join us for a satisfying journey where your skills are rewarded with a range of valuable benefits.

Unlock a path to advancement in your career as a BMW Technician, where opportunities abound. With multiple technician levels and state of the art manufacturer training, you have the chance to progress and enhance your skills. Join us for a journey filled with opportunities to elevate your career and reach new heights as a valued member of our team.