Are you a customer service aficionado?
Get your automotive career started as a BMW Genius

The BMW Genius is a customer service master who is trained in BMW’s advanced technology in order to educate customers on available products. BMW Geniuses are meant to inform, instruct and delight our customers throughout the sales process.

Irene Padilla, BMW Genius

What are the traits of an ideal BMW Genius?

The most successful BMW Geniuses share similar character traits; they tend to be:

  • Highly motivated with strong enthusiasm for the BMW brand as well as an affinity for technology. BMW Geniuses enjoy going the extra mile for customers.
  • People who are able to grasp and enjoy learning about BMW’s latest technological advances. With this knowledge, BMW Geniuses become true product experts.
  • Patient individuals who are able to communicate in non-technical terms with customers who may have very little technical knowledge.
  • Confident people with strong interpersonal and relationship building skills who thrive on creating positive experiences for customers.

BMW Genius Salary and Benefits

Many dealers offer these benefits to BMW Geniuses:

  • Excellent benefits package including insurance, 401(k) and paid vacation
  • Center employee lease for eligible roles
  • Ongoing online and offline training to help you grow, achieve your goals and enhance your product knowledge.
It’s an exciting time to be in the automotive industry, and BMW is leading the way in shaping the future of innovation!

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