Start Your BMW Career as a BMW Genius

BMW Genius Careers

The BMW Genius is responsible for delivering comprehensive product information and a positive customer experience throughout the sales process.

Video: Terence describes what it's like to be a BMW Genius

Terence Palmer - BMW Genius

Terence Palmer

Who Makes a Successful BMW Genius?

The most successful BMW Genius' share similar character traits, including:

  • Highly motivated with strong enthusiasm for the BMW brand as well as an affinity for technology, you will enjoy going the extra mile for your customers
  • You will be a product expert who enjoys learning about the newest advances in technology
  • To complement your extraordinary product knowledge, you will also possess the people skills necessary to be able to communicate in non-technical terms with customers who may have very little technical knowledge
  • With your strong interpersonal skills and your confident manner, you will create a positive experience for your customers when visiting the dealership

If this describes you, you could be on the fast track to success as a BMW Genius. Search the latest BMW Genius jobs in your area and submit an application, we'd love to hear from you.

BMW Genius Salary and Benefits

Working as a BMW Genius certainly has its perks. Here is some insight into the salary and benefits of a BMW Genius:

  • Great benefits package including insurance, 401k, and paid vacation
  • Employee lease program on BMW vehicles at a reduced rate
  • Ongoing training both online and face-to-face to help you grow

As a BMW Genius, you will have the opportunity to meet fascinating people from a variety of backgrounds and to share your passion for the BMW brand. You will receive on-going training to develop your personality and improve your knowledge about new products and features.